Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Christian WestChristian West
My New Career Through Driving!
I found Helen through a Facebook post. I got in contact and found straight away she was friendly, kind, caring and easy to work with, enabling me to really feel comfortable during any high-pressure moments on the road. I had never needed to learn to drive until recently, having lived in towns and London I always used public transport. When I moved to the countryside I realised quickly I needed to learn this life skill to further my career. I was given a new opportunity with a company but needed to have a driving license. Having not much confidence at all with driving, and little to no experience at all I was worried I wouldn't be able to do it. I’m 28 and was worried it would be harder to learn later. Helen helped me gain confidence and knowledge very quickly. I had a very short time span to learn in to maintain my Job. I managed to pass quickly and with confidence after only 4-6 weeks. With Helen's help I could take on a new position at work and further my career. Not only have I gained a great life skill, I have become a very safe driver and thanks to Helen, I feel I will continue to do well, I am forever thankful as Driving has now helped me in all aspects of life. I would highly recommend Helen, and will continue to do so. Christian.

Jaime WilksJaime Wilks
Passed 1st time!
Jaime wrote the following review after passing her test 1st time... I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that my instructor created in the car. It was friendly and easy to learn in. I felt that my instructor accommodated my needs as she was flexible alongside my schedule. The 'LD system' resources were very helpful and a pleasant surprise in contrast to other instructors who do not always provide them for you. The car was easy to drive and a good size making it reasonably easy to practice manoeuvres in. Overall an extremely patient and calming presence in the car for any nervous beginner who understands that not all manoeuvres or instructions are understood first time. If this is so, she will happily pull you over to chat through what/ how you could improve calmly. Could my instructor improve the lesson for me? I can't answer how she could improve as I did pass first time and felt fully supported on my way to success. Thank you for being my driving instructor these past weeks, you were patient and very calm whilst teaching me which made it all the easier to succeed.